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Dodge R5 Engines

Ernie Elliott, Inc. has over 10 years of experience building Dodge R5 engines. We have numerous wins in NASCAR Sprint Cup, NASCAR Nationwide, and ARCA racing competition utilizing the R5 platform. We can custom tailor a Dodge R5 engine package for your rules package or street application. A proprietary aluminum block version of the R5 platform is also available from Ernie Elliott, Inc.

  • 358 to 413 Cubic Inch Iron Block
  • 358 to 460 Cubic Inch Aluminum Block
  • Roller or Flat Tappet Cam Options
  • Dry Sump or Wet Sump Oiling
  • Multiple Carburetor or EFI Options
  • Street or Race Applicaitons
  • 700-1000 Horsepower Range Naturally Aspirated

Please contact us to discuss your needs and to receive a price quote on a custom engine.  Also check out our online store to see if any completed engines are in stock and available for purchase.

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