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Ford FE Engines

The Ford FE engine platform is a very popular engine choice among classic Ford car enthusiasts.  At Ernie Elliott, Inc., we can design and build you a custom Ford FE engine utilizing our years of engine building experience to create you a more up to date and reliable FE engine package.  We can also do vintage restorations for your classic engine to achieve OEM specs and appearance.

  • Iron and Aluminum Block Versions
  • 352" to 527" Cubic Inch
  • Roller or Flat Tappet Cam Options
  • Dry Sump or Wet Sump Oiling Options
  • Multiple Carburetor or EFI Options
  • Multiple Cylinder Head Options
  • Street or Race Applications
  • Vintage Restorations to OEM Specs and Appearance

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and to receive a price quote on a custom FE engine.  Also check out our online store to see if any completed engines are in stock and available for purchase.

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